Our first curated influencer drop of research gives you acess to hundreds of rising micro-influencers in each of the most creative 56 U.S. cities and 52 International cities we cover. You don't want to miss out on who to follow, partner, or collaborate with. These are the ones to watch, the ones who are shaping culture in social networks right now, are still building followers and authority, and have REAL voices to be considered influential.  

Influencers on the rise are identified and selected based on their social voice impact in one or more of these top interests of creative professionals:

Music discovery voices: popular genres artists • indie artists • songwriter • producer • new music discovery and all other related verticals

Events: Music Festivals • Tours • Networking + Business Events/Conferences

Creative industry voices: music industry professional • legal and professional services • local producers, creators, entrepreneurs and executives • aspiring undergrad and grad students pursuing creative careers

Local career voices: Marketing • PR • Media • Arts • Management • Journalists • On Air Talent

Life and Style voices: Organizations & Communities • Wellness / Mental Health • Trends and Trendsetters • Fashion and Streetwear • Gastronomy • Venues • Nightlife • Creators and Discovery Curators

Beauty Arts Voices: Stylists • Hair • Makeup • Nails

Product and Trend Voices: Brands • Startups • Services & Products • Design / Creative Products

Digital Innovation Voices: Tech, Software, Crypto / Digital currency, NFT, Data & more

Content Creation and Visual arts: Photographers • Videographers • Directors • Editors • Writers

Art: all mediums

...and more culture + lifestyle rockstars


The report includes all the details you need on each influencer:
  • Influencer overview: Personality, Psychographics, Content Style, and what type of marketing engagement we recommended them for
  • Location: City, State, International territory
  • Number of followers
  • Social platform(s) links
  • Contact Information