An exclusive visual database with analytics and data from partners, combined with our research team collecting current detail snapshots of emerging and established songwriters, producers, engineers, mixers, managers, and more, that connects A&R teams and music makers in a new, innovative way 


For Music Makers (Producers, Engineers, Mixers, Musicians)

Discover and meet other emerging and established music makers to collaborate and build relationships with from the only central, global database currently available

A quick, effective snapshot of their career, to help get them hired faster

Our matching capabilities increase exposure to expand industry connections and their inner circle, which allows for new opportunities beyond word-of-mouth and existing relationships

The addition of analytics will help provide visual leverage for fee negotiation

[EXAMPLE: An established producer or engineer hasn’t gotten work in awhile. This visual database will keep them front-of-mind on a list for consideration, and they’ll show up in specific searches that they match to.]

For Songwriters and Artists

Break down previous barriers to entry for unsigned and emerging artists 

A way to find new and established songwriters to collaborate with 

Connects songwriters and artists to other vital music makers, such as producers, engineers, mixers, and their managers

Visual proof when considering a career pivot from songwriter to artist by providing a detailed snapshot of their songwriting career

[EXAMPLE: Artists like Meghan Trainor and Santigold started as songwriters then] became artists

Provides visual proof when considering a career pivot from artist to songwriter or production

[EXAMPLE: An artist who never got signed, has potential as a great songwriter and producer. This visual database will help them get the visibility to be considered for hired projects or seek representation of a producer manager.]

For Managers and Representation

Expand your roster - discover new talent you want to represent

Find more opportunities for your clients

See what others are working on and identify new collaboration possibilities 

Gain more exposure for yourself; get your track record in front of the global industry

For Music Companies

Cost-effective discovery using customizable search options to make important decisions

Allows an even playing field to all music makers to be considered for new projects

An up-to-date and accurate exposure platform where A&R executives can research, network, and connect with music makers for new projects

Connects decision makers directly to talent for record-making purposes 

Saves time by streamlining pitches and ongoing communications

By partnering with major music companies and leading music analytics services, we are developing the most comprehensive visual database of established brands, startups, artists, events, and creative companies. This powerful database works to accelerate the visibility of today’s emerging and established brands that want to partner or activate in creative culture, music and entertainment, while assisting music and brand company decision makers in forming quick, smart connections to new opportunities.  

Our Brand Partnerships Heatmap®, another exclusive visual database with analytics and current detail snapshot of emerging and established brands, connects A&R, Marketing, and Partnerships teams with brands and startups efficiently.

We are developing the most comprehensive visual database of venture capital and angel investors across the globe that invest in creative businesses at all stages. We provide exposure for your active portfolio companies to the most influential professional class -- creatives. 

Our interest-driven research, teams, and technology connects you and your portfolio companies to warm leads for potential partnerships and business development opportunities, while our scout program reports deliver better results in discoveries than any tip sheet and are boots-on-the-ground brand evangelists connecting funds in our heatmap to promising companies in our discovery scouting network that is aimed at accelerating the life cycle of young innovative companies. 

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