A modern scout system that includes discovery across creative verticals, unmatched culture research + scouting, and elevates A&R field scouting from ‘tip sheet mentality’ to redefining the next generation of Talent Discovery Executives

GREATERTHAN founder, Paula Moore, created the first successful scout training programs while a senior A&R executive at major labels, and this A&R Scout Training Program® has been revamped and redesigned for the next generation of music industry leaders.

This is the only A&R Scout Training Program® in the world. The 28-week program prepares you for multiple roles in the industry, not just A&R. You’ll receive expert guidance, and opportunities to put your skills to work immediately in this challenging and exciting course. In addition, you become part of a community of scouts who often become friends for a lifetime.



Wolf Pack 2020 scouts talk about being selected to collaborate
on a reporting example for the training program!

 We're looking for artists, marketers, trend-seekers, trailblazers, networkers and all-around creative doers with big personalities and a passion for music to join the A&R Scout Training Program. We're seeking magnetic scouts with great energy that have what it takes to discover the creatives of tomorrow.

READY TO ROCK THE INDUSTRY? Prepare to Change Lives, Starting with Your Own.