GREATERTHAN is a music discovery app delivered in culture magazine format. While everyone else is using the same data sources to identify talent, we are a first-of-its-kind authority in A&R innovation, super-charging global A&R, marketing, and talent teams.

  • We evaluate and build world class systems for discovery - and know exactly what teams need
  • We audit tools and services for use in talent discovery and constantly source new products to add to our leading edge 
  • We manage and negotiate direct deals will all relevant platforms; manage all data points and continually focus on developing an actual system that serves all teams
  • We create our own proprietary products and research systems
  • We produce and curate multiple songwriting camps, producer camps, and talent scout training programs throughout the year 
  • We create valuable resources for global A&R Teams
  • We have an exclusive app with a direct line to creative culture influencers
  • We deliver a constant talent pool of discoveries and scouts


Joining our A&R Innovation Team, you will deep dive into music and culture research. You will construct statistical insights and predictive metrics beyond what the numbers reveal about the discovery by conducting research on artists, analyzing new music, and connecting the cultural dots surrounding the talent. These efforts will be used to evaluate song performance, identify new artists, career trajectory, as well as support promotion strategy. 

This is a remote position.


We are looking for a rockstar team player who is passionate about both music and research. You understand the data side of the music industry like the back of your hand. You know how to determine what data is the most valuable and relevant, and why. You are proactive, and you relentlessly mine streaming, social, analytics services, and other sources to uncover the real story behind the metrics. You take initiative and do not need hand-holding. You have high-level written and verbal communication skills. Excellent presentation skills are a plus.

You are results-oriented, yet possess a deep appreciation and sensitivity toward people, different cultures, and values, even if they differ from your own. You are "thick-skinned" and persistent, but at the same time diplomatic and possess discretion and poise. You are personable, smart, passionate, and optimistic. You hold yourself accountable and take great pride in your work – just like us. 


Create a 3-5 minute VIDEO application. No resumés. Tell us who you are, where you’re located, and relevant experience in storytelling format— share results-driven information of your experience, which can include work, life, local or online organizations you’re involved with, how you’re immersed in the field and culture, and more.

Submit your video application to hq@greaterthanhq.com. If you need to share via Google Drive, please share with GREATERTHANhq@Gmail.com


GREATERTHAN is a woman- and privately-owned research, marketing, and tech company empowering brands and artists to forge authentic connections through a unique mix of innovative research, actionable insights, and storytelling.

GREATERTHAN, a division of Paula Moore Ventures, LLC,  was founded on the power of culture mining to propel discourses, trends, and movements. For her entire career, Paula Moore, in addition to working with every major label, has partnered with brands and creators to build and grow disruptive platforms that foster deeper community engagement through research innovation. Her experience drives GREATERTHAN’s unparalleled insight into the discovery space. We are reimagining how brands and creative professionals tell their stories, create value, establish relationships, build business, and push culture forward.

GREATERTHAN is an equal opportunity employer.